Home and Away in Premier League

The Page presents Home and Away In Premier League. The survey compares the total number of wins and draws, day after day for the teams. The five diagrams are part of a study for the English Premier League. Each Chart can be customize by football season.

Introduction for EPL games 

The English Premier League has 380 football games per season. Each football match ends with a victory for the home team or the away team. The match is a “draw” when neither one of the sides can prevail over the other. The season begins in August and ends in mid-May. 1 to 10 matches can be played in one day. All matches for a football season are played in period between 100 and 135 game days.

Home And Away In Premier League

We can see on the chart how many wins and draws each season the hosts and guests have in English Premier League. From the data we can summarize which season the hosts and guests have the most wins or draws. Push button “Choose season” below the chart to compare data for each season in epl. Push on the Blue, Red and Green circles below the chart to hide or show bars for home and away team wins or draws.

Home and Away in Premier League- percentage

Home and Away in Premier League by Gameday

The line chart shows the trend between Home, Away and Draw day after day in english Premier League. We can customize the chart with Select Box to change the season or change the Game day Range for chosen season with the slider below. If you want to hide line on the chart double tap on the legend with name of line.

Consecutive game days without win for Home Team in Premier League

Consecutive game Days Without Win For Away Team In Premier League

Consecutive game Days Without Draw Match In Premier League